Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Simple Pleasures

I have always loved magazines. I can remember as a child getting magazines and reading them cover to cover. Anyone remember Tiger Beat??? I had them hanging all over my walls with my favorite stars like David Cassidy!
I still love magazines. I subscribe to a few and my sister subscribes to a bunch so I am the lucky recipient of them when she is done. These magazines are three of my favorite. I like to save them for when I can savor them. The first thing I always do is remove all of the inserts-those really annoy me! The Sun is probably my favorite. It has no ads and is filled with poetry, short stories, interviews and great photos. My favorite section is Readers Write. Each month there is a theme and readers write in based on that theme. There is always something that brings me to tears or makes me laugh out loud. 
Cookie is purely indulgent, all kinds of things I cannot afford but it is fun to read. I did use some of their party tips for  our Chinese New Year.
Real Simple has too many ads but I do like many of the articles and recipes and it always has great quotes. 
Off to read my magazines!

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