Wednesday, August 17, 2011

30 Days

I started a 30 Day Vegan workshop this week. It is being hosted by Heather from It is meant to be a cleansing workshop and I am really enjoying it so far. I have at times in my life been a vegetarian, but I have never given up dairy and eggs so this a new experience for me. I am doing it because I feel like I need to get back to eating more whole foods and reset my palate so that I crave things that are good for me and not junk food.

The Workshop encourages us to set up a whole foods kitchen. So, I cleaned out my pantry. I threw out items I don't like, a few expired items and I set up my door rack so it contains all my bulk foods in jars. I was going to go out and buy all new jars but a quick trip to the basement and I found plenty of canning jars and an hour later I had everything organized.

I love opening the door now and seeing everything I need right there and all ready for use. Since I took the picture I added cute labels to each of the jars too.  I like a neat kitchen and I do not like lots of things out-clutter makes me feel crazy.

I have two things I love in my kitchen that I want to share. I love this poster I think it says it all!

I also love this rocker. It was a sad sight when it was given to me, dusty, finish worn and a faded fabric on the torn seat. Some paint and a fun fabric and you get this:

So far I am enjoying this journey, cannot wait until tomorrow!

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Kristin said...

I'm visiting from 30 day vegan- I love your door rack! How wonderful to fill it with all the glass jars! And I love your print about food- perfect!